6 Trends in Decorating with Salvaged Wood Doors

how to reuse and recycle wood doors for modern home decorations

Ways to reuse and recycle wood doors for decorative screens and room dividers


Wooden interior doors and exterior wood door designs vary in styles, but all wooden doors provide a great material for recycling and home decorating. Salvaged wood doors help save money and inspire amazing DIY projects. Fzdaily brings a collection of modern ideas for recycling wood doors and share top trends in decorating with salvaged wood doors.

Handmade modern tables, decorative screens and room dividers, wooden wall panels, storage racks and creative bed headboard ideas are just a few ways to reuse and recycle wood doors for interesting, fresh and eco friendly home decorating.

All houses and apartments have doors. Exterior wood door designs are stronger and more durable than interior doors, so exterior doors can be used for outdoor home decorating. Wooden interior doors can be transformed into shelving units and modern tables, room dividers and bed headboards, kitchen or bathroom racks and striking wall decorations for any room.

Exterior wood door decoration ideas to personalize house designs and Feng Shui homes

Recycling salvaged wood doors for home decorating

Decorating screen in vintage style recycling salvaged wood doors

Exterior wood door designs, especially in vintage style, can add beautiful decorations to modern homes. Entrance and interior doors provide big salvaged wood pieces which can be used for all sort of recycling projects.

Designers and craftsmen create original and unique furniture pieces of salvaged wood, so DIY wood furniture items for your home decorating can reflect their wonderful idea for recycling.

Handmade kitchen rack recycling wooden door

Wood doors can be used in modern interior design and outdoor home decorating. Wood doors look great with all other materials, from metal and glass to natural fabrics and ceramics. Antique or vintage, solid or with windows, exterior wood door designs and interior doors can add surprising and stylish accents to home decorating.

20 modern ideas to reuse and recycle old wood doors and windows for wall decorations

Scratches and cracks on salvaged wood doors give personality to DIY wood furniture design.  All imperfections enhance the beauty of salvaged wood doors, blending your original and modern furniture design with antiquity and history. Vintage exterior wood door designs and old interior doors have their stories to tell, and look great with all furnishings in modern interiors.

Modern wall design recycling wood doors

Trends in decorating with wood doors

1. Salvaged wood doors make stylish and original picture frames and can create beautiful decorative wall panels with photographs.

Cherry wood doors for interior decorating, modern interior doors

2. You can reuse and recycle salvaged wood doors for wall shelves and freestanding shelving units, corner shelves and DIY furniture for storage.

Creative bed headboard ideas for recycling wood doors, two kids bedroom decorating

3. Wooden exterior door designs and interior doors can be recycled for unique decorative screens and room dividers.

4. Creative bed headboard ideas are another modern trend in home decorating. Fresh and unusual bed headboard ideas allow reuse and recycle wood doors for modern bedroom decorating.

30 unique vintage furniture design ideas to recycle wood doors

5. Making modern tables while recycling old wood doors is one of great trends in home decorating. Dining tables and desks, coffee tables and nightstands handmade with wood doors are functional and very attractive.

Corner shelves made with salvaged wood door and painted turquoise blue color

6. Various exterior wood door designs and interior doors are great for making unique decorative wall panels.

Recycling old wood doors and windows for modern interior design

Salvaged wood is a fantastic interior design and home decorating material. Wood doors, shutters, gates and fences can be recycled for unique designs and used in modern interiors, garden or outdoor home decorating.

Wooden coffee table with storage, DIY idea to reuse and recycle wood doors
Bed headboard ideas for recycling wood doors
Salvaged wood bed headboard ideas recycling wood doors
Ways to reuse and recycle wood doors for decorative screens and room dividers
Wooden coffee table, handmade furniture design recycling exterior wood door

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