Carved Wood Lace Like Lighting Design Inspired by Islamic Decoration Patterns

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Carved wood lighting fixture


This modern lighting design is adorned with amazing lace patterns inspired by Islamic decorations. It is called Intersections and create fascinating shades on the floor and walls, decorating interiors in an elegant and surprising way. Fzdaily presents this unique lighting design project developed by Anila Quayyum-agha.

The intricate geometrical decoration patterns allow to feel the connection of light and shadow, bringing dramatic contrasts into modern interior decorating. The purity and inner symmetry of geometric lighting design from Artprize, create unique lighting fixture which is an artistic interpretation of the cast shadows.

The unique lighting fixture creates multidimensional variations depending on the spaces in which it is installed and the arrangement of the installation. It looks different from various angles. The Intersections lighting design impresses with the complex expressions and unusual experiences.

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Carved wood lighting design

Carved wood lighting fixture

The wooden frieze emulates a pattern from the Alhambra Palace, which was poised at the intersection of history, culture and art and was a place where Islamic and Western discourses, met and co-existed in harmony, the lighting designer says.

The perforated lace-like lighting design is symbolic and meaningful. It connects memories of various times and places while celebrating the simplicity and purity of symmetrical design.

Unique lighting fixture featuring Islamic decoration patterns

This unique lighting design idea is spectacular, original and fresh. The hanging lighting fixture is huge, about 2 m (6ft). Carved wood lace like decoration patterns reinvent Eastern lanterns, giving exotic feel to this unique lighting design.

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Designer lights with lace like carved wood decoration

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