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Book lasagne


The first Cookbook made with pasta dough is a unique book that you can read, cook and eat. Made out of 100% fresh pasta it can be opened, filled with ingredients for lasagne and finally be cooked. Packaged as classic lasagna, this is an unusual pasta to surprise and delight everyone. The Cookbook was designed by Korefe as a special project for a large publishing house.

Lasagne is a popular Italian meal created with wide and flat pasta. Its large pasta shapes inspired a new design idea for making lasagne with a book pages made with dough. It looks clever and surprising. Fzdaily presents this interesting food decoration idea that helps make delicious lasagne that looks like a book.

Lasagne is one of the oldest types of pasta. The meal is made with several layers of lasagne sheets alternated with sauces and various other ingredients. Made with pasta dough book pages work very well as these layers, adding more interest to food decoration. Lasagne is originated in Italy, traditionally ascribed to the city of Naples, where the first modern recipe was created and published.

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Lasagne with book pages

Creative design idea for food decoration, Lasagne Cookbook

The new design idea allows to use the traditional recipes and make lasagne by interleaving layers of pasta with layers of sauce, made with ragu, bechamel, and Parmigiano-Reggiano, but also turns the popular meal into an interesting and unusual book. Now cooking is even more fun, allowing to add humor to food decoration.

The Cookbook has a few pages with printed lasagne ingredients. When you open the book and read, you know what you need for making a lasagne. The edible book is made of fresh pasta dough by cooking enthusiasts for all Italian food fans.

Book lasagne
Fresh pasta for making lasagne book

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