Edible Plates Bringing Fun and Green Design into Dining

edo friendly products, organic plates

Organic plates with edible edges


Edible plates from Italian designers are going to change the way we eat and entertain in the future. Edible table decorations and tableware are not just interesting, but eco friendly, helping to save resources on producing single use plastic items. Today people throw away millions of disposable plastic plates causing significant damage to the ecosystem.

Plastic plates and cups are a part of the pollution. Eco friendly products and ideas, including edible table decorations and tableware, are wonderful alternatives to plastic. Eco friendly dining and Green living ideas inspire designers to reduce consumption and disposal of plastic items.

Italian edible plates are innovative, exciting and interesting. Italian entrepreneur Tiziano Vicentini has launched the production of edible plates called Pappami, which means eat me in Italian. These attractive plates are made ​​of dough, turning functional tableware into creative edible decorations, great for kids and adults.

Creative food design ideas adding colorful edible decorations and fun to kids party table decor

Edible cups for coffee, modern tableware or delicious treats

Edible plates, innovative design idea

Organic plates with edible edges

The edible plates decompose rapidly without polluting the environment. These unique plates look like a flower with petals that can be eaten just like crackers. The central part is made of non-toxic organic material which withstands high temperatures.

Hot soups, vegetables, bread and meat look delicious, surrounded by edible flower petals. The plates can be used in microwaves. The capacity is 300 ml. The bottom part of the plates is not edible, but it is organic and can be used for feed animals or as a fertilizer.

Plates with edible flower petals

Each edible plate costs 20 euro cents. This creative, green design idea  was supported by the media and people, as the mass production of edible plates has begun. The Pappami plates are great for dining and storing all kind foods. These plates can be frozen.

Edible flower cuisine and gorgeous food presentation ideas

Sugar glasses marrying colorful edible decorations and creative food design ideas

Eco friendly plates made with edible dough

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