Exclusive Glass Bubble Lighting Design Creates Extravagant Collide Series

unique lighting fixture with wooden base


Unique lighting design blend technology with art, creating unusual and surprising lighting fixtures made of glass and wood. Unique lighting design is impressive and provocative, adding an interesting detail and whimsical look to modern interior design.

These wood and glass lighting fixtures from Collide Series are created by designer Henrik Georg Fredberg and were demonstrated at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2013, offering original and innovative lighting design for modern interiors.

The lighting fixtures celebrate the achievements made ​​by different designers at different times, combining technology and craftsmanship, merging creativity and style into innovative contemporary lighting design.

Unique lighting design with wooden base and glass bubbles

Contemporary lighting fixture made of wood and glass

The functional and stylish lighting fixtures from the Collide Series collection look like futuristic glass bubbles. Their handmade glass bulbs and factory-made wooden bases create very decorative, interesting and extravagant lighting fixtures, perfect for modern interior design with an adventurous, contemporary or retro feel.

All these contemporary lighting fixtures are unique, exclusive, one-of-a-kind works that no longer exist. These original and exquisite artworks look different and surprising, and can add a stunning centerpiece to modern interior design, creating a gorgeous focal point of room decorating.

Unique lighting design that look with glass bubbles

Grouped or used individually, these striking glass lighting fixtures will immediately attract attention, adding more interest to modern interior design during the day, when there is no need for additional light.

Unique lighting fixture with wooden legs

  by Ena Russ   


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