First Wooden Skyscraper Offering Sustainable Design Alternative to Reinforced Concrete Buildings

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wooden skyscraper, sustainable design idea for green living

Wooden skyscraper, sustainable design idea for Green living


Wooden architectural designs impress and delight. Wood is a natural materials that is healthy, strong and beautiful, ideal for eco friendly house designs and Green buildings. Modern skyscrapers are typically constructed from concrete and steel, but wood could be a viable Green building material for tall architectural designs that would have a lower environmental impact. Fzdaily shares pictures of unique conceptual architectural designs, tall buildings made with wood.

The Big Wood Skyscraper is designed by Swedish architects. Architects with CF Mølle architectural firm presented this amazing architectural project, the world’s first wooden skyscraper. It seems that wood is a suitable material for a Green building. This 33-floor skyscraper features wooden floor and wall structures.

The company won a tender for building the new headquarters for the Swedish company HSB, which designs and constructs residential buildings. The wooden structure is named Big Wood. This skyscraper is one of the most unusual architectural designs in Stockholm.

Wooden skyscraper, unique architectural design

Wooden skyscraper, sustainable design idea for Green living

The central part of the Big Wood looks like a reinforced with metal concrete rod consisting of stairs and elevators. The central element provides strength to this original wooden skyscraper.

All interiors of the Green building are made ​​with wood. Architects plan to create wooden columns and use floor slabs, combined with a simple traditional wooden structures of walls and partitions.

Sustainable architecture, Green technology from Swedish architects

The architects with CF Mølle architectural design studio say that properly treated wood is a good construction material that provides the high level of fire resistance, combined with concrete and brick.

Green building ideas, Green cast design

Green building Villa Sera, sustainable design idea

Wooden structural elements of the Green building can easily be replaced as they wear or get damaged. A layout of these architectural interiors with wooden walls can be quickly, improving functionality and flexibility of modern interior design.

Modern interior design with wooden walls

CF Mølle also claims that a significant part of the energy the wooden skyscraper Big Wood will receive from solar panels installed on different levels. This Green building features the high-efficiency electric system, multilevel processing and water purification systems.

Green building in rural urban style with spacious interiors and private small gardens

Green buildings with vertical gardens and contemporary interiors

The Green building is a sustainable design alternative to standard construction materials, which are expensive and require a great deal of energy to produce.

Tall Green building constructed with wood

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