Gorgeous Modern House Design Recycling Empty Shipping Containers in Costa Rica

modern house in costa rica recycling empty shipping containers

Modern home interiors, house design recycling empty shipping containers


This modern house design is from Costa Rica. Large, bright and spacious modern house is designed and built of eight empty shipping containers, which provide a great building material which significantly reduces the cost of architectural designs and offer Green building solutions. Fzdaily presents the architectural project by Maria Jose Trejos.

The modern house is designed and built for a photographer who wanted to get lots of open space which would be used as multifunctional for living, entertaining, rest and work. Architect Maria Jose Trejos took envisioned the Casa Incubo recycling empty shipping containers.

There is a living room, a kitchen with a dining area and a gallery with photography works on the ground floor. The central part of the modern house offers 95 sq m area that include a recreation room and photography studio. The kitchen and dining spaces are build of two shipping containers. Dining furniture, made with solid wood pieces, carved of cedar growing in the yard, add unique charm and warmth to the shipping container home.

Shipping container house design, cheap and durable modern houses

Cargo container house design featuring bright home interiors in contemporary style

Shipping container house design

Modern home interiors, house design recycling empty shipping containers

Bedrooms and a home office are located on the second floor. There is a lovely terrace with green artificial turf on the house roof. The rooftop terrace offers gorgeous views of the beautiful surroundings and lush vegetation. It is a perfect place to enjoy quiet times, yoga sessions and luxurious silence.

Large windows with movable bamboo panels allow to create comfortable atmosphere inside, protecting home interiors from the sun. Smart arrangement of empty shipping containers create the unique modern house with natural ventilation, cooling the home interiors in hot days.

Green building, modern house Casa Incubo

To reduce the negative impact on the environment the house design features a system of rainwater harvesting, natural ventilation, reflective roof, solar panels, lighting fixtures with LED lights, which significantly reduce the consumption of electricity.

Spectacular cargo container house design by Australian architects

Blue cargo container house design

Beautiful modern kitchen design and dining furniture
Natural ventilation and Green design ideas
Modern house exterior design recycling empty shipping containers
Playful house exterior design
Rooftop terrace
Large windows with bamboo panels

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