Gorgeous Modern House Design Reflecting Contemporary Multitasking Lifestyle

wood and bronze interior design

Gorgeous wood and bronze material combination, modern interior design ideas


Modern house design by Bates Masi + Architects LLC is inspired by contemporary multitasking lifestyle and attractively blends stone, wood, bronze and glass into a beautiful home. Its contemporary architectural interiors are creative reflections of multitasking, and incorporate a certain set of requirements in a new house design and decor. The clients wanted to live in a house that is multitasking-friendly, comfortable, stylish and  beautiful, allowing various contemporary activities without interruption.

This modern house design offers gorgeous architectural interiors and elegant decor, a perfect setting for a dinner party with guests and for entertaining kids simultaneously. The architectural interiors are divided while creating floating open living spaces, perfect for enjoying different activities in functional and thoughtfully designed zones.

Large windows bring lots of natural light and offer beautiful views. Mahogany wood floors and ceiling designs look harmonious, warm and impressive. Modern house exterior design is enhance with small gardens and patios. The overlap of wooden box-shaped architectural interiors adds interesting details to interior design ideas.

Modern house design blending stone, wood and bronze

Gorgeous wood and bronze material combination, modern interior design ideas

Travertine and wood flooring ideas, cladding and outdoor patio designs create attractive and practical, creative and modern interior design and outdoor living spaces. The dramatic contemporary fireplace design merges a functional architectural feature with a sculptural work of art. The fireplace is supporting lateral loads and allows to create fabulous architectural interiors that large, open and airy.

The overlapping, repeating bronze elements were digitally fabricated and assembled on site. Different patina processes added the dark bronze facing and polished bronze hood to interior design. The bronze  reflects sunlight into the living space, enhancing spacious and modern interior design. The master bedroom headboard is created using repeating strips of belting leather.

Impressive fireplace design dividing living room and dining room
Modern interior design and decor ideas for dining area

The multitasking lifestyle defines this modern house design, providing wonderful architectural interiors for work, entertainment and rest. This modern house allows to keep up with busy lifestyle and enjoy multitasking while also providing a fantastic, comfortable and welcoming home for rest.

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