Hydroponic Planter Holders from Danielle Trofe Adding Green Accents to Modern Interior Design

modern interior design with vertical gardens and green home accessories


The Live Screen is a vertical planter holder system, ideal for bringing green design and beautiful accents into modern interior design. The attractive self-sustaining planter system harnesses hydroponic technology and offers gorgeous indoor garden designs for urban living.

Vertical garden designs are excellent for small spaces. The hydroponic garden designs give unique opportunities for urban dwellers to enjoy indoor gardening in style.  The self-watering system simplifies the process of growing your indoor plants, making interior gardening more accessible and easier for those seeking a green living style.

The vertical planter holder system can be used as a room divider or a beautiful green accent, transforming and beautifying modern interior design with touches of eco style. Indoor garden designs is created by Brooklyn based designer , danielletrofe.com/and named Live Screen.

Green design idea for room dividers

Beautiful vertical garden designs for urban green living

The green idea was presented at SaloneSatellite,  the Milan furniture fair 2013. The attractive and contemporary green idea blends unusual shapes and classy white color with hydroponic growing method, providing an innovative and original decorative accent to modern interiors.

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Green accessories and room dividers with indoor plants for eco friendly interior design

  by Ena Russ   


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