Interesting Space Saving Furniture Design Idea for Small Rooms, Convertible Sofa Table

wooden cabinet that transformed into coffee table and sofa

Wooden cabinet transformed into a coffee table with five seats


An interesting space saving furniture design is a blend of a small sofa, a coffee table with soft stools and a storage chest. Convertible Sofa table is a transformer design project that creates a functional space saving furniture set, ideal for comfortable decorating small apartments and small rooms in the house.

Young Ukrainian designer , created this multifunctional sofa that turns into a a small coffee table with four low stools or an attractive wooden storage chest. Great for small rooms, this multifunctional and unique furniture design adds comfort and elegance to decorating small apartments.

The small sofa-table-storage-cabinet features soft seats and back cushions in gray and green colors, and can be transformed into a low dining furniture set for four people. Extra two cushions make an ottoman and can be used as an additional seat.

Space saving furniture design for small rooms

Convertible Sofa transforms into a wooden cabinet for storage

Cushions can be stored inside the storage cabinet which the convertible sofa creates when the back folds down. The wood cabinet can be used for storing bed linens, throws and pillows or toys and other small decor items.

Transformer design ideas

Contemporary chairs, transformer ideas in wood furniture design

Transformer design ideas, space saving furniture for small rooms

Transformer design ideas, modern furniture for small spaces

Wooden cabinet transformed into a coffee table with five seats

  by Ena Russ   


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