Large Hammock Bed Design with Canopy and Caged Pendant Lights

wooden hammock bed with caged pendant lights

Large hammock bed with birch wood frame, caged pendant lights and orange fabric


An unusual, playful and bright bed design is changing furniture design traditions. An innovative hammock bed with a canopy and pendant lights look different, providing an oversized place to relax, read or dream. The hammock bed is durable and spacious, and can hold eight people. Kids would love to add this hammock bed to their playroom.

The Koala 45 is a contemporary square-shaped hammock bed from Belgian designers , Strong and unusually large, hammock bed with a strong frame, well protected pendant lights and brightly colored fabric stretched across a wooden frame.

Pendant lights feature wooden frame that is inspired by basic trouble lights designed for garages and sheds. Large bulbs made of acrylic are surrounded by protective cages made of birch plywood. These pendant lights in industrial style add character to huge hammock bed design and make it safe and functional.

Large hammock bed featuring a square-shaped wooden frame and canopy

Large hammock bed with birch wood frame, caged pendant lights and orange fabric

Held together with twelve bolts, the hammock bed elevates its surface about four feet above the ground. The canopy has an open area for pendant lights to be dropped inside.

Unique bed design combined a contemporary furniture design ideas with fresh solutions and natural material. Caged pendant lights add comfort and functionality to this amazing, large and unusual bed.

Pendant lights with acrylic bulbs and cage made of birch wood

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