Modern Tableware Design Ideas by Seletti Bring Surprising Combinations to the Table

unusual tableware from seletti


Unusual modern tableware from Seletti are intriguing and innovative. Serving trays, porcelain dishes and tea cups look like they were made of various pieces. The modern tableware items are exceptional, surprising and very original, turning dining tables into fascinating displays and making great gifts.

Seletti was founded in Italy in 1964. These modern tableware items blend the outstanding quality with Italian creativity and innovative design ideas which are constantly transforming and producing tableware items that look like artworks.

The modern tableware brand is renowned for its personality and flair. A unique use of color combinations, artistic references, high quality materials and attention to detail create amazing, one-of-a-kind modern tableware items setting high standards and shaping new trends in modern tableware design.

Innovative tableware design ideas by Seletti

Colorful dishes, unusual design ideas

Stefano Seletti, his sister Miria, designers Alessandro Zambelli, Vittorio Boni and their creative team surprise and delight customers with their amazingly creative tableware.

Interesting and provocative design ideas, constant product research and commitment to finding innovative solutions and unusual combinations make these modern tableware designs fresh and exclusive.

White and blue serving trays and multiple dishes

Modern tableware design trends

Ceramic tableware and cookware from Brazil

Unusual tableware design ideas inspired by ocean creatures

Modern dinnerware design trends for contemporary table setting

Colorful porcelain plate designed like made from two different plates
Modern dinnerware in creative shapes
Unusual glasses

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