Recycling Old Skateboards for Shelves, Racks and Chairs

recycled crafts and handmade furniture design with old skateboards


Recycling old skateboards for colorful freestanding and wall shelves, storage racks and modern chairs is a wonderful ideas from Brazilian designer Pedro Guglielmi. Fzdaily presents a few interesting, bright and unique furniture design ideas that create modern home furnishings from ordinary skateboards.

These unique furniture design ideas blend two passions for the sport and art, and allow to transform skateboards into spectacular and energetic home furnishings, – book shelves Chicago, Brazilian hangers, clothes racks Waikiki and colorful chairs. The recycled crafts and skateboard furniture are available from Drops Moveis shop in San Paolo, Brazil.

According to the designer, these reuse and recycle ideas bring more love into the world and demonstrate the passion for turning old into new and beautiful. All these functional and useful items are handmade in a garage in Vila Madalena in Sao Paulo.

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Skateboard recycling for artworks by Japanese artist

Recycling skateboards crafts and unique furniture

Unique chairs made with old skateboards and painted bright colors

All recycled crafts are inspired by various interesting things. This may be a film, a book or even a word in a foreign language, which the designer overheard, the designer says.

These bright and unusual, surprising and unique furniture design ideas help to reuse and recycle old skateboards and allow to decorate modern home interiors with surprising, youthful and optimistic accents and functional, colorful and unique furniture pieces.

Unique furniture design ideas recycled old skateboards for wall shelves

The skateboard chairs and shelves give great inspirations for DIY projects. You can steal the idea or come up with your own unique furniture and decor accessory designs to personalize your living spaces.

  by Ena Russ   


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