Recycling Paper for Handmade Cardboard Table Lamp, Eco Friendly Products for Green Living

handmade table lamps recycling paper cardboard

Unique lighting design ideas recycling paper cardboard packaging materials


Modern lighting fixtures can be made of recycling paper cardboard pieces. Italian designers created these eco-friendly products, handmade lighting fixtures which are inspired by recycling paper and green living ideas. Simple desk lamps 01LAMP show a functional and interesting design idea of making a personalized table lamp of a cardboard piece.

While eating pizza, young designers from Italy decided to recycle the pizza packaging material and came up with this unique lighting design idea. The creative lighting ideas recycle and reuse the popular packaging material into functional handmade table lamps which delight with their simplicity and originality.

The cardboard packaging for pizza is widely available material. It is durable and easy to work with. It can create and keep shapes perfectly, the designers say. No glue, wood, plastic or metal parts are required to construct these unique lighting fixtures. All electrical parts, the wire and bulb are included in a kit.

Recycling paper cardboard packaging materials for handmade table lamps

Handmade table lamps, recycling paper idea

These amazing lighting fixtures are eco friendly products that feature unusual look and striking form blending Japanese origami art with modern lighting design in eco style. The look can be customized with various prints on theĀ  cardboard pieces used for folding and creating these unique lighting fixtures.

Anybody can make these table lamps anywhere. Italian designers shared detailed instructions on the internet with diagrams and drawings to explain the assembly process.

Unique lighting design ideas recycling paper cardboard packaging materials

These eco friendly products are great for green living enthusiasts and all supporters. The table lamp assembly is easy, but also you can purchase these unique lighting fixtures for 40 Euros or 53 $US, adding original and unusual lighting design to your interior decorating.

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