Recycling Plastic Bottles for Unique LIghting Fixtures by Souda

white chandelier made of plastic bottles

Designer lights recycling plastic bottles


Recycling plastic bottles for unique lighting fixtures creates functional and attractive, stylish and eco-friendly products for modern interior design and decor. These white and green chandeliers, recycling plastic bottles, look bright, pleasant and inspiring.

Recycling plastic bottles, containers, and cups that are a significant part of the waste produced by humanity is an important trend in modern interior design and decor. Not all plastic containers are suitable for recycling and reuse. Artists and designers create eco-friendly products for interior design and decorating, recycling all plastic and drawing attention to the problem of environmental pollution.

Unique lighting fixtures , are a creative way for recycling plastic, The designer lights are constructed from post-consumer soda bottles and originally inspired by the cell-like shape of soap bubbles.

Designer lights recycling plastic bottles

Green chandelier recycling plastic bottles
Designer lights  made of plastic for eco friendly interior design and decor

The Bubble Chandelier is an upcycled wonder, transforming used, old and ordinary objects into new, creative and highly attractive designer lights for modern interior design and decor. The Bubble Chandelier is made from 60 two-liter soda bottles, with each piece cut and connected with aluminum rivets.

These unique lighting fixtures are made through a partnership with Sure We Can, a Brooklyn-based non-profit organization that runs the only homeless-friendly can redemption center in New York City. The designer lights are created from post-consumer bottles, collected on New York City streets by homeless individuals and people who collect cans. A portion of the proceeds from each light sold will be donated directly to Sure We Can help improve the conditions of their facility.

Designer lights made from plastic bottles and aluminum-steel frame

Made of aluminum and steel frame and plastic bottles, the chandelier includes an electrical socket with a cord and great for use with energy efficient LED lights or compact fluorescent bulbs. It costs $ 780 US.

Amazing contemporary lighting design with indoor plants growing upside down

Creative plastic cup recycling for unique lighting fixtures

Modern chandelier with aluminum-steel frame, recycling plastic bottles

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