Solid Wood Furniture Design ideas, Stools Inspired by Chess Pieces

log furniture, stools inspired by chess pieces

Unique furniture design idea inspired by chess pieces


These solid wood furniture items are reminiscent of chess pieces, showing a creative interpretation of modern stools. The round geometric forms and simplicity of unfinished wood add a beautiful look to the seats, improving their functionality and allowing to add natural accents to interior decorating.

These stools come in various shapes that create a chess set of fabulous pieces. Designed by , for Icons Furniture, these unique furniture pieces reinvent stools, adding a storage spaces for magazines.

The Alfiere stool features an attractive form, interrupted by a large diagonal cut in solid wood piece which acts as a magazine rack. The Regina stool looks elegant, and the Pedone stool brings a simple round shaped into interior decorating.

From log to keyboard stools and stylish chairs made of logs

Modern log furniture adding chic eco friendly products to interior decorating

Log furniture and decor accessories to bring unique designs into modern homes

Solid wood furniture reminiscent of chess pieces

Unique furniture design idea inspired by chess pieces

These wood furniture items are beautiful and eco friendly products for interior decorating that are designed to give a playful mood and bring excitement of the game of chess into modern homes. The stools emphasize the characteristics of the chess pieces that are used in this game.

Solid scented cedar wood, combined with amazing craftsmanship and artisan techniques, used in the process of designing these stools, enhance the value and gorgeous look of these unique furniture items.

Alfiere (Bishop in Italian), stool made of solid cedar wood piece
Wooden stools inspired by the game of chess

Photography by Andrea Basile.

  by Ena Russ   


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