Space Saving Ideas, 3in1 Modern Furniture Set Imprint from NOCC

coffee table and stool made of cement and wood

Modern furniture set, made of cement and wood


Space saving ideas and innovative approach to modern furniture design is combined for creating  the table and stool set Imprint, made of concrete and wood. Unusual modern furniture design idea comes from Juan Pablo Naranjo and Jean Christophe Orthlieb, two young designers from ,

The latest design from NOCC brings together concrete and wood in a simple and practical way, offering functional modern furniture set, a round coffee table and a stool that mimic its shape.

A coffee table is made of concrete and symbolize the negative space, created by a light, polished, wooden stool that fits perfectly over it. Combined together, two elements make a space saving modern furniture set that can be used as a stool, as a coffee table or as a stool with a coffee table.

Modern coffee tables with tree growth rings, unique furniture design ideas

Modern furniture design, playful Peanut table by Miki Astori for Driade

From log to keyboard stools and stylish chairs

Space saving furniture set

Space saving furniture design idea, round coffee table and matching stool

The collaboration is a permanent dialogue of two young designers, guided by a shared conceptual vision. The modern furniture design ideas from NOCC demonstrate a fresh look and appreciating of ordinary objects.

Not taking objects for granted and focusing on adding different layers of understanding of design allow to play with shapes in a creative way, developing interesting modern furniture.

Modern furniture set, made of cement and wood
Space saving furniture set

  by Ena Russ   


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