Unique Modern Wallpaper Bringing Digital Printing Technology into Interior Decorating

wall decoration with digital wallpapers and graphics

Wall decoration with beautiful wallpapers created by using digital printing technology


Digital prints and modern wallpaper made by using digital printing technology are stylish trends in home decorating. Fzdaily presents an interesting idea of creating contemporary, bright and beautiful wallpapers for customized interior decorating. The digital wallpapers are shown at Heimtextil 2014 and printed by Hewlett-Packard company. Designers used the HP WallArt application for printing modern, unique and beautiful wallpapers.

Any pictures, ornaments or paintings can be used for printing modern wallpaper to create unique and spectacular wall decoration. Digital printing changes interior decorating bringing one-of-a-kind images into modern home interiors and creating unusual, stylish and interesting wall decor.

Modern wall decor is about bright ideas, creativity and fun. Digital printing technology from HP is ideal for turning empty walls into spectacular displays and adding impressive accents to modern interior decorating. Digital printing allows to experiment and play with creative graphics or worlds, color combinations, optical illusions and finishes.

Ways to enhance interior design with modern wallpaper murals and digital printing art

Colorful glass backsplash ideas adding digital prints to modern kitchen design

Digital printing and beautiful wallpapers for customized interior decorating

Colorful and beautiful wallpapers for customized interior decorating

Durable materials and fantastic digital printing turn wall decoration into contemporary art. PVC-free Durable Suede Wallpaper looks beautiful and inspiring, offering a great alternative to traditional wall coverings.

High quality and accurate color reproduction, fabulous images and decorating themes can enhance modern interior decorating with innovative and fresh wallpaper patterns and make rooms more interesting and exciting.

Wall decoration with beautiful wallpapers created by using digital printing technology

A free application HP WallArt for iPad is available from the online store App Store. It allows to design and visualize any wall decor, helping create very personal, novel and unique interior decorating.

Modern interior decorating, large art prints creating bright wall decor

Modern interior design trends in photo wallpaper prints and wall murals

Modern tile designs bringing digital printing technology into interior decorating

Digital printing producing unique and modern wallpaper patterns

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