Unusual Green Design Ideas, Clear Plastic Vest and Stroller for Carrying Plants

vest with pocket for growing plants

Clear plastic vest for plants


This plastic maternity vest is created by design graduate Alice Kim. The unusual design idea offers a dressing accessory which allows people to carry young plants like babies and give them the treatment they deserve. Designer Alice Kim, who recently graduated from Kingston University, creates the Plant Pregnancy vest with a compartment on the front to carry young plants anywhere people go.

Kim hopes her design idea will remind people to take care of plants helping them grow healthy and beautiful. Plants have a very similar birth and growth cycle to humans, the designer said. The Plant Pregnancy vest is designed to encourage people to appreciate plants and what they give us.

The design project is intended to illustrate the impact of a plant to a person to encourage community to treat plants as lovingly as pets or babies. The slight discomfort indicates the care that is being given.

Clear plastic vest and stroller for carrying plants

Clear plastic vest for plants

The Plant Pregnancy Stroller is another design idea by Alice Kim, which allows to take larger pots with plants for a walk. After the seedling has grown into a plant the owner can use the Plant Stroller to carry a large plant for a comfortable walk.

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Clear plastic vest for growing plants
Small stroller for carrying plants

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